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A virtual office gives you the advantage of a real business address without the expense, and the bonus with Axis is that you will have the option to move into a fully serviced office with the same address in the future.

The base rate gives you a professional business address with all the other services you may need available on a pay per use basis. You only pay for what you use. This saves you thousands of dollars and you still have all the services of a big business.

Whether you’re a new business or simply prefer to remain small, you need a business address, even if you don’t need of a real office. Perception is the key:  you can avoid the expense of an office while presenting your professional image. This is where avirtual office comes in very useful.

There are many large virtual offices in the Perth CBD that have thousands of clients. The addresses of these virtual offices are well known, and this can affect your credibility.

The main advantage of a suburban virtual offices is perception. Just think about how a new prospect will view you if you have an expensive St Georges Terrace address.  People are smart; they know if you have the overheads of a big city office the cost of your service is also going to be expensive, before they even talk to you!

In contrast, a professional office with an address that is not in a high rent area signals to the potential client that you are able to offer quality service without the big price tag.

An Axis virtual office starts at only $11.95 a week. This is outstandingly good value for helping you make the right first impression.

Call now. We can have your virtual office set up within a few minutes.

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