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Hot Desking means having a desk available when you need it and not paying for it when you don’t.

Are you working from home? Do you need more space, but not on a continuous basis? Well, Hot Desking might be the answer.

If you need to watch every dollar and still have a professional working environment, take a look at this new easy way of having your own workspace at a very affordable price.

It’s simple: just give us a call, tell us when you need your Hot Desk, and get to work.

Working from home can be tough. Interruptions, kids needing attention and other constant distractions make it difficult to fully concentrate, whereas being in a work environment with likeminded business types can give you the energy boost you need to achieve your work goals.

A flexible, shared office and co-working space can give you the opportunity to network with others in your field or in other businesses, while helping you to be more effective in your own business.

Prices start from just $12 a month including parking

Call us now to find out if a Hot Desk is suitable for your business.

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Rent a Serviced office For 12 Months and get 2 Months
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